Theme of "Fallen Angels"

 Theme of «Fallen Angels» Composition

Losing Purity: " Gone down Angels" discover the true meaning of war

" Dropped Angels", authored by Walter Leader Myers, is actually a novel that tells regarding the story of young kids going into struggle during the Vietnam War. There are numerous themes in " Fallen Angels" nevertheless the main topic is the loss of innocence. It makes reference to these themes. Plus the boys available have desires for losing all their virginity and drinking alcohol the first time. They are tossed into a harsh reality if they are shown the trials of war. In the end, they understand that the movies that depict heroicness and prize are just images of a phony idea; that war is full of chaos and horror.

It of " Fallen Angels" is the greatest indicator of the idea. All of the small soldiers will be " angels" in the sense that they can be naГЇve and innocent. This can be explained in chapter several when Myers calls these young boys " angel warriors". They may have not viewed the bad things that happen in war and so feel invincible to the danger they are to encounter. The " fallen" inside the title indicates the loss of purity that makes these people " angels". Though shedding innocence is something that just about every young person undergoes, these males must expand up quickly during battle.

Richie, the narrator and protagonist, and the members of his squad fantasize with their first sexual experiences. Peewee, a member of Richie's team, even models goals pertaining to himself. He admits that he will " drink wine beverages from a corked bottle, smoke a cigar, and make love into a foreign girl. These are all immature concepts the boys have but they are soon educated that the actual things that has to focus on are certainly not alcohol and sex, nevertheless the virtues and values they are going to learn as a soldier.

During their battles the squad views that survival is certainly not something that is taught but a matter of pure possibility. They observe their allies shooting allies. Their good friends in the warfare are slain and they must face the truth that getting out alive is luck. The goal of eliminating the foe turns...

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