Risk and Return to get Selected Firms

 Risk and Return to get Selected Businesses Essay

Risk Management Returning

on Investment

Elaine M. Hall

Level 6 Computer software, 530 Franklyn Avenue, Indialantic, FL 32903 RISK MANAGEMENT RETURN ON INVESTMENT

Received January 25, 1999; revised May well 6, 99; accepted May 13, 1999 ABSTRACT

Just how effective can be your risk management process? Risk management return on investment is definitely the ratio of savings to cost that indicates the value of performing risk management. This conventional paper presents a typical definition pertaining to measuring risikomanagement return on investment: RETURN (RM)


Using this assess on two case studies provides instances of large courses with superb risk management benefits. Both circumstance studies survey ROI (RM)

at 20+ to 1, which is

risk management elysee. To achieve these results, the people worked hardГіrisk manage- ment does not make difficult function go away. В© 1999 Ruben Wiley & Sons, Incorporation. Syst Eng 3: 1770Г±180, 1999


The business enterprise case for risikomanagement is based on

cost-benefit analysis. Expense of risk management

is the


expense in resources for risk evaluation and

risk control. Resources include period spent in risk man-

agement meetings, the cost of revealing risk informa-

tion, plus the staff to formulate a risk action plan.

Quantifying the costs of risk management is a simple

task by using a cost record database.

If the cost to produce a risikomanagement process is usually

spread over eight programs, then benefits from method

reuse can be estimated by amount of time salvaged.

Savings are measured in resources of your time, money, and



expended on eight of eight programs. Value is

measured by the number of person-hours expended to

develop the process. Return on investment (ROI) is the

ratio of financial savings to price that signifies the value presented.

In this case in point, the business circumstance to develop a regular

risk management process is validated at 15 to 1 RETURN.

Without ROI data, older managers need to rely on

customer feedback of plan managers and staff to guage the

identified benefits of risk management. Reliance upon

testimonials is created on trust and belief. Trust will

erode as time passes unless perceptions are authenticated by RETURN

data. Section 2 shows a explanation for measuring

effectiveness in the risk management process: ROI





are described in Section 3,



Metric Utility. Section some reports benefits of two

case research that used the standard ROI

measure. Sec-

tion a few recaps the value of a standard assess for risk

management effectiveness in increasing opportunities

within an organization.


В© 99 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. CCC 1098-1241/99/030177-04 177


Expense of risk management may be the total investment in

resourcesГіtime spent in risk management group meetings,

the cost of revealing risk information, and the personnel to

build a risk action planГіfor risk assessment and risk

control. The come back for each been able risk is the savings.

Risk management ROI may be the savings for a lot of managed

hazards divided by the total expense of risk management

activities, which is stated in the subsequent equation:







Cost savings


Risikomanagement benefits originate from two types of

savings: price avoidance and cost lowering [Hall, 1998,

p. 143].

Price avoidance is actually a technique for financial savings that de-

creases the anticipated cost growth. Is it doesn't difference

among possible cost without risk resolution plus the

actual cost with risk resolution. An example of cost

elimination is virtually any resolution technique that effectively

contains price growth to keep up the budget. The key to

understanding how to quantify price avoidance is definitely the

insight which the calculation depends on four likely

risk final results, as shown in Figure 1 . These types of outcomes

will be presented in more detail in Table We, which identifies

the associated calculation pertaining to cost avoidance and ration-

ale. Cost avoidance can be calculated following risk quality or

when the risk happens. The maximum risk exposure over...

References: B. Boehm, Application risk management: Rules and prac-

tices, IEEE Software eight (1991), 32Г±41.

E. Area, Managing risk: Methods for software program systems devel-

opment, Addison Wesley, Reading, MA, 1998.

She received her M. S. (1983) and Ph. D. (1995)

degrees in Computer Science from the Fl Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida

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