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However our planet can be suffering because of many challenges, which can ruin our planet if we are not cared for it because It is the only globe in our galaxy which we could to live in. Incorporated into these danger is air pollution, water pollution, Deforestation, Ground Fertility, Overpopulation etc…... Polluting of is one of the the majority of worrying complications of our period. This problem come up during the commercial revolution. The great industrial wave brought about a large number of positive becomes the world; better transportation, cheaper products, and a better lifestyle. However , with it's souple came the retail price, pollution. At the start of the industrial wave, no one paid any attention to the problem of pollution. Because the science, developed people begun to realize this issue. Air pollution arises from many options. This is caused by wrecking industries and cars traffic. The burning of gasoline in autos produces hazardous gases. From various industries come millions of gases that are carried off in the air. Chemical substance plants generate gaseous by-products that are harmful when their concentration can be high enough. Pollution can derive from causes that individuals cannot control. For example , forest fires, dust storms, and volcanoes. Water is one of our most significant sources of existence. However it appears that humans haven�t realized essential it is. Water pollution. Industries and factories discharge toxic toxins into the drinking water. Leakage via oil tankers causes air pollution of the marine. Sewage released by urban centers into fresh water. It is expected that you will see war amongst nations because water can become little. The increase in human population increases requirements for water resources. More land is required for enclosure. There is improved demand for meals for which even more agricultural area is needed. More fuel is necessary. More automobiles cause more pollution. Thos problems are a life fantastic. It is accurate that Polluting of the environment has made a large number of disastrous effects. It has slain many lives already. Technology has been the liable one for most of the Polluting of the environment that is present today. But in other side Nowadays, technology is being clean to conserve Globe. Also, it is cleaning The planet

 Air pollution. This is caused by wrecking industries and cars traffic. Burning incinerators, furnaces and stoves cause it. Blowing wind is responsible for growing air pollution. The Ozone level has been ruined because of the use of CFC's (Chlorofluorocarbons) which are used in numerous industrial, industrial, and home applications.  Water pollution. Industries and industrial facilities release harmful wastes in the water. Leakage from oil tankers triggers pollution from the sea. & nitrogen-laden fertilizers also cause water pollution. Sewage produced by urban centers into normal water bodies. It truly is predicted that there will be conflict among nations around the world because normal water will become small.

of late they have taken a demonic size, which is powerful expert awareness of be solved. There are challenges like Air Pollution, Drinking water pollution, Global warming, Unsafe Waste, Ozone Depletion and many more, which makes the list endless.

Today, we usually receive media about pollution. Every time once we read newspaper at least we may have three or four reported environmental polluting of the environment in Malaysia. It is just in Malaysia, think about all over the world? Environmental pollution has changed into a major issue through the years and one of the primary problems the earth faces today. It is an concern that issues us economically, physically and everyday of your lives. It has caused loss of life, disease, and lots of health problems. A whole lot of key concern of our world today but not much is made to prevent this. If not all, a lot of pollution is caused by human beings. Many people are noticing now the threat


Automobiles all around the world everyday, and their exhaust

destroys the air every day. Our environment is known as a major part of our lifestyle

today. Many of us avoid take the Earth...

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