why was conflict inevitable in Europe inside the 1920's

 why was war inescapable in Europe in the 1920’s Essay

п»їWhy was war unavoidable in The european union in the early on 20th century?

Universe War you was Inescapable in many ways. The main element word with this question is usually " Inevitable''. My Oxford Dictionary describes Inevitable as unavoidable and unpreventable. Would have

World Conflict 1 recently been avoid? I think not! Generally there wasn't just one reason as to the reasons World Conflict one happened but many things. Because of this , I agree that World War 1 was Inevitable.

The assassination Archduke Franz Ferdinand was one of the main reasons for the war. Having been of Austria and was believed to be killed by a Serbian Nationalist young adult. There were Half a dozen European powers. They all had allies who would help them away if both went to battle. There was France, Germany, Great britain, Russia, Luxembourg and Italy. Britain, Portugal and Russia formed the Triple Ensemble while Indonesia, Austria-Hungary and Italy formed the Three-way Alliance. All of them had imperialistic, territorial and economic rivalries that were modern among them. The people of Bosnia and

Herzegovina no longer desired to be a part of Austria-Hungary but part of Serbia. Austria did not want that since it would make Serbia Stronger and themselves weaker with fewer land. Bosnia and Herzegovina wanted to secret themselves.

Also these countries wanted to prove their dominance and power. Britain acquired the largest operate in the world. So they had ships leaving and also coming in. Thus they had to utilize a navy to safeguard their boats. Which means their particular navy was large. Australia was jealous of this. They too began gathering their navy blue and military services. So do their best friend Russia who had lots of terrain and people. All of these countries were basically accumulating their military services as if the war was planed just before and they had been just getting yourself ready for what they knew was going to happen. Things had been becoming more dangerous.

Imperialism was also a take into account World Warfare 1 . The countries had been trying to enhance their power by having territories underneath their control. This was becoming a problem possibly within...

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