Hr Task Analysis Assessment Question

 Hr Work Analysis Assessment Question Dissertation

Part 4: Task Analysis

1 ) _____ is definitely the procedures through which one establishes the duties associated with positions and the features of people to use for those positions. a. Task description

w. Job specification

c. Work analysis

g. Job context

e. non-e of the over

2 . The info resulting from task analysis can be used for writing _____. a. job descriptions

b. work activities

c. work helps

d. task context

elizabeth. performance standards

3. Which of the pursuing types info can be collected via a job analysis? a. work activities

b. human behaviors

c. performance requirements

d. job context

e. all of the previously mentioned

4. Information with regards to job needs such as lifting weights or strolling long ranges is included in the information about _____ an HR specialist may collect within a job analysis. a. operate activities

b. human behaviours

c. machines, tools, equipment, and operate aids

m. performance standards

e. job context

5. Info regarding how, why, and when a member of staff performs each activity is roofed in the details about _____ an HR professional may gather during a task analysis. a. work actions

b. individual behaviors

c. machines, tools, equipment, and work assists

d. overall performance standards

at the. job circumstance

6. Information about the quantity or perhaps quality levels for each task duty is included in the information about _____ an HR specialist may accumulate during a job analysis. a. work activities

b. human behaviors

c. machines, equipment, equipment, and work supports

d. performance standards

at the. job framework

7. Data regarding job-related knowledge or skills and required personal attributes is included in the info on _____ a great HR specialist may acquire during a work...

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