Categorizing Fallacies

 Categorizing Fallacies Essay

Argument TypeFallacy Statement

Ad hominem/geneticMy friend, who goes to school in another condition, said girls from that sorority are mean. That young lady we just met,

Tracy, is from the same sorority, therefore i don't trust her.

Wishful thinkingSure, I've heard it's far better to not really eat hamburgers every day, although it's extra protein and protein is useful for you.

" Argument” from popularityFrom a conspiracy theorist: " Seriously, everyone knows that the government features lied to us in past times. This case is not a different. ”

Hasty generalizingFrom a study group member: " I just do not get it. One minute she says she actually is coming, and then the next, the lady calls to cancel. I wonder if we can trust that the articles or blog posts she posted are whatever we need! ”

" Argument” from outrageStomachache or not really, how could you certainly not eat your dinner once i spent everything that time so that it is!

Straw manFrom one politician about another: " He is a two-faced, liberal, anti-family, anti-values idealist! ”

Post hocIf this weren't intended for the president's environmental plan, we wouldn't be coping with these environmental catastrophes.

Red herring/smokescreenFrom a teenager confronted by his parent about breaking curfew: " Why do some of us have to keep harping on this curfew thing? A few talk about that the grade Now i'm getting in algebra. ”

Group thinkOn a radio advertising: " Are you currently fatigued, irascible, moody? In the event that these symptoms are overlooked, you might become depressed or maybe suicidal! Defend against the doldrums by taking a pill which may cheer you up. Millions of people include, and they're happy they did! ”

Scare tacticsYou're going out with Carron? Well, she has a nice person, but My spouse and i hear her last relationship was a destroy! I'd be aware if I were you. Poisoning the wellI don't treatment if she is the top doctor in the condition! Her theory on sibling rivalry can be extreme. Just how can we believe nearly anything she says in the event that she subscribes to theories of that mother nature?

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