Biometric Technology

 Biometric Technology Essay

Effectiveness of Biometric Technology in our everyday routine

3. 2: Biometric Technology and Boundary Security


Following the horrific events that occurred upon September 11th, border secureness has become one of the greatest concerns of governments around the world. As such, gov departments have turned to Biometric Technology to detect unauthorized workers and prevent these people from going into the country, or perhaps for apprehending them. Their main concerns involved areas of visa and immigration documents just like passports, or issued identity cards.

Advantages of Applying Biometric Technology

A distinct edge that Biometric Technology organised over conventional passports or perhaps identity cards was that biometric information is basically a part of anyone and therefore more reliable than any other means of checking a person's identification. Any one possessing the goal to enter a rustic or state illegally wasn't able to claim that they had forgotten all their identity numbers or passport as a reason, nor can they steal, guess or perhaps fabricate another person's biometric or perhaps biological information easily. Some common strategies of using biometric technology to detect burglars include the scanning services of a individual's iris, a 3-D image recording of any person's hand (Hand geometry), facial identification, fingerprint diagnosis and tone of voice detection.

Iris Identification

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