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DESK AND ITEMS List of Tables and Numbers INTRODUCTION PART I. Rules of sciene and Highlights of Hungarian Healthcare CHAPTER 2. The Health Attention System in the united states CHAPTER III. Hungary – Problematic Problems and Possible Solutions BOTTOM LINE AND SYNOPSIS APPENDIX 18 36 43 45 a few 2 a few 4





Sources for each desk and number are suggested in the taxes as footnotes. Tables and Figures Stand 1 Table 2 Stand 3 Stand 4 Desk 5 Desk 6 Stand 7 Stand 8 Table 9 Input Paid simply by Employers, pg. 7. Advantages Paid simply by Employees, pg. 8. Analysis of Total Contributions, pg. 9. Market Data pg. 9. Job and Joblessness pg. twelve. Demographic Data pg. eleven. Changes in Typical Gross Incomes, pg. doze. GDP Data pg. 12. Growth Charge in Wages and Input pg. 13. The Structure of medical care Market pg. 14. Financial Sources pg. 16. Health care insurance Coverage UNITED STATES pg. twenty four. Insurance and Non-insurance USA pg. twenty-five. Distribution of Financing UNITED STATES pg. twenty six. Private Insurers' Market Stocks and shares pg. twenty eight.

Table 15 Table eleven Table doze Table 13 Table 16 Table 15



In our paper we make an effort to highlight the main factors that influence the health care financing nowadays. All of us chose this kind of theme because it is a warm topic with Hungary, yet also worldwide. Since Hungary's social security system is highly centralized with very much government intervention, it was a clear choice to compare this to the different side, the primarily for yourself controlled system operating in the usa. It is clear that non-e of the two systems happen to be perfect and each has its positive and negative factors. These dissimilarities will help all of us deduct some very important ramifications with regard to the mandatory reforms in Hungary. In the first part we is going to focus on the Hungarian national social home security alarm as entire, giving a extensive description on this complex program starting from the legal and practical basis until to the macroeconomic feature. After discussing this, inside the second chapter we would like to elaborate on the other post – the so called „classic American model” that is usually financed by simply private insurance agencies and focus on the most important features that we want to use in each of our solution. We intend to discuss within the present changes made in america health care discipline (executed by Obama administration) and test out if these kinds of reforms have proven to be any more effective than the classic system. We are going to ask similar questions as in case with the social program, and evaluate the two. It is important to note, our goal is always to highlight the financial elements of this concern, and try to handle the financial and economical questions besides social concerns, that are not a part of our matter. In the end, after having a profound and thorough understanding of the two systems we hope to be able to focus on the advantages and disadvantages and with the look at of reducing or at least mitigating the negatives and emphasize the pros. Our purpose should be to come up with a brand-new structure and a pragmatic strategy that will combine the characteristics of both public and health insurance as a substitute that could eliminate the pitfalls in the currently operating system in Hungary and could lead to performance, development and innovation in health care.



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