19th Century England

 19th 100 years England Dissertation

nineteenth Century England

During the nineteenth Century, Great britain was changed by the industrial revolution. It had been also a amount of social and political unrest. Levels of cleanliness were increased, as was the quality of housing. During this period, living standards were raised and it was a relatively tranquil period. It had been a period of prosperity and expansion for the Uk empire, but it also saw the drop of England's power.

England was the initial nation to industrialise. Completely a thick population for its geographic size and a wide variety of readily available, normal resources. Regional supplies of coal, flat iron, lead, copper, tin, limestone and normal water power, resulted in excellent circumstances for the expansion and expansion of market. Also, the damp, moderate weather conditions of the North West of Great britain provided suitable conditions pertaining to the content spinning of organic cotton, providing a natural starting point to get the birthday of the materials industry.

The invention in the steam engine was the most crucial innovation in the Industrial Trend. Apart from this development of the heavy steam engine, the assembly line significantly improved productivity. With a series of men trained to do a solitary task on a product, then simply having that moved along to the next staff member, the number of done goods likewise rose substantially.

The industrial revolution created a large number of problems pertaining to 19th 100 years England. This caused a huge demand for women and children to work in the factories, generally in the textiles industry. This problem was somewhat resolved by banning children less than 9 years of age via working in the factories, yet there was continue to the problem of young children operating long hours in factories, most of which acquired bad doing work conditions. This is simply not the reason we credit the commercial Revolution as prosperous, since there were many more positive effects.

Due to the industrial revolution people were better provided, as even more products became readily available. Meat from Australia and Fresh Zealand and cheap...

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