An Introduction to the annals of the daddy of Internet Technology

An Introduction to the annals of the daddy of Internet Technology

Father Of Internet Technology

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Craig H. Brockman

Instructor: Eric Becker

College Writing

9 May 2000

Dr. Leonard Kleinrock:

Father of Internet Technology

Most every work of human progress offers carried within it the signature of 1 or more individuals who observed beyond the horizon, challenged convention and then, with techniques large and small, permanently changed the world. Some of these signatures, like Alexander Graham Bell, who created the phone and Thomas Edison, whose various patents include both electric lamp, the microphone and record participant, are easily identifiable. But how about a work of human being progress so complex and far-reaching that its extremely origins might seem to be untraceable? Indeed, what about the web? [leave an area between paragraphs to create the break even more distinguished]

There are, of course, many those who include contributed to the go up and globalization of the web -- a network of systems, connecting all elements of the world electronically However one name sticks out: Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, recognized to many as THE DADDY of Internet Technology. It had been his theory of packet-switching that led the United States authorities and a group of practically 40 researchers to build up what would ultimately be the world-wide communications system that is


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