An Essay on Ed Schantz and Eric Johnsons Strange Focus on the Assortment of Botulinum

An Essay on Ed Schantz and Eric Johnson's Strange Focus on the Assortment of Botulinum

Ed Schantz and his apprentice, Eric Johnson, do the job in a

very strange field of science. They expand and Harvest the

worlds strongest poison. It is, within their words, “six million

times more robust than rattlesnake venom.” The toxin is

produced by a single-celled bacteria referred to as Botulinum. The

botilin poison made by the bacteria causes an application of

food poisoning named botulism. Botilin shuts down nerve

pulses from the brain producing the victim paralyzed. The

victims usually suffocate to loss of life when their diaphragm

becomes paralyzed. On the other hand, Ed and Eric usually do not use the toxin

for morbid acts of terrorism; they put it to use to heal people

with muscular disorders.

Electric impulses

from the mind cause muscles to

contract. The toxin attaches itself to the nerve endings and

cuts the flow of neurotransmitters, a nerve signal

transmitting chemicals. Some disorders, referred to as dystonias,

send way too many and or random impulses. Ed possesses learned that by

inserting the toxin in really small amounts in to the nerves


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