An Analysis of Existence and Function of Anthony Burgess, an English Novelist

An Analysis of Lifestyle and Job of Anthony Burgess, an English Novelist

The Life and Work of Anthony Burgess

"Autobiography: Story of your respective life, compiled by oneself."(Halsey 64). Everyone knows

what an autobiography is, however, not so many persons know that although not all authors write a

book which can be named a factual autobiography, many authors frequently allow personal, real

life encounters to affect their fictional writings. A fantastic exemplory case of such an author is

Anthony Burgess. Anthony Burgess is identified today as an English novelist, critic,

essayist, and composer (editor CLC 80). Burgess is usually such a literary genius, it had been once said of

him that ". his agent, publisher, and his access in "Who's Who" could not supply the exact

number of books he wrote." (Baldwin A8). A few of Burgess's works are the Long Day

Wanes, THE PHYSICIAN is Sick, and, conceivably Burgess's most well-known book, Clockwork Orange. A

Clockwork Orange is a fascinating novel that paints an image of a gruesome violence in the

not-so-distant future. The story is founded on, and informed by the narrator, the fifteen-year old

Alex, but it shows many references to the life span and connection with its author. In a string of five

books, Burgess also focused on his


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