A History of the problems and Concerns in Implementing Australias AUTHORITIES Tax Plans

A History of the problems and Concerns in Implementing Australia's AUTHORITIES Tax Plans

On the 13th August 1998, the Primary Minister, The Hon John Howard MP placed a press conference at Parliament Property to launch the Federal government Government's tax arrange for Australia's future. The program incorporates significant historic improvements to the Australian taxation program, which should be guided by five key element principles. The main element principle of the Federal Government's taxes reform proposal that's creating speculation and debate may be the introduction of the products and Services Tax, commonly referred to as GST. This consumption taxes has come under powerful public and political scrutiny and problems have been raised regarding the economic fairness of the proposal.

According to Macionis and Plummer (1997, p.420) "capitalist economies produce a higher overall quality lifestyle but also generate greater income disparity." The inequity of Australia's current economy is evident from the mass media release released by the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) 4pm Wednesday 17 March 1999 in response to the taxation statistics which were released the same moment. Michael Raper, President of ACOSS explained that the taxation statistics exposed the gross inequalities in the distribution of prosperity in Australian world today with "The very best 10% of Australians owning 52% of the country's wealth, as the bottom one half owns a paltry 3%." On harmony, does a capitalist market promote a good distribution of wealth and social ability? I say not.

Political support is gained by attractive to members of contemporary society with promises to do something in their interests, more regularly directing this charm to those people with wealth, social electricity and influence. The multi-million dollar promotional initiatives supporting the Federal Government's tax reform deal and specifically the proposal of the Goods


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